A Project

December 12, 2009

This is nothin related to my last post. I started to write my story. But got really busy with another project. So, that is getting a little delayed. But I’ll ofcourse finish it. Anyway, I could have continued with it today. But the thing is that I don’t feel like writing the story today becoz I have something exiting going on in my life and want to share that. Maybe I’ll continue with it some other day.

A few weeks back I read a book by author Julie Powell.The book is called ‘Julia and Julie’. Even I watched the movie, thanks to my husband. As I love cooking myself and experimenting with new recipes, I really got influenced by both Julie and Julia. Both of them are so adorable and passionate. And I think I have something in common with both of them. I recently left my job to travel with my husband becoz of his work. So, while he is at work, I stay alone in the house most of the time in a day.I don’t have any idea where my life is going or what I should do to keep myself busy.And not just that, I wanted to do something that I truely enjoy. I tried many things, but nothin gave me the thrill I was looking for. I was getting depressed day by day. I have some online friends, but that helps up to a certain extent and I guess that’s not enough. I wanted something else. Something that I will be passionate about, ofcourse beside by husband. And after reading the book and watching the movie, my life has totally changed. Thanks to both of them and to my husband who gave me the original cookbook ‘Mastering the art of french cooking’ by Julia Child and Simone Beck as a birthday present.

I started a new project. I’m now studying about the culture and cuisine of different continents and collecting recipes from all over the world. A minimum of 5 recipes per cuisine. And once I’m done with the collecting part, I’m going to start cooking each and every recipe, which is pretty tough becoz you have to have all the ingrediants for worldwide cuisine and getting them is not an easy job.

Till now I’ve finished with all the cuisines of Western Europe and starting with the cuisines of Eastern Europe. Let’s see how that goes.


Story of a Simple Girl

November 27, 2009

Hi, My name is Aisha. I’m a simple girl from a small town. Now I stay at Bangalore,India. I came here when I was 18 yrs old. I started blogging recently, becoz I want to tell my story. I’m not a writter and I have no idea how to write or even tell a story. But I read a lot of books,so i’m going to take some inspiration from them. Of course,I’m not using my real name coz I’m a private person and I don’t want to hamper my privacy. So, here I am and my story goes something like this….

      To begin with, I have to say that I have a middleclass family background. My parents have given me everything I wanted, especially, my father. My mother was on the other hand a bit strict, like pretty much every mother is to their daughter, I hope,except a few lucky ones. It was a beautiful place where I grew up. A very small town with a lot of  nature around. Unlike nowadays, there was no traffic at all. People used Bicycle to travel to their work or school or wherever they wanted to go. Otherwise they used to walk. Every place was nearby to the other. So there was no hastle at all. And there was also a cultural environment. More or less, everyone was involved in some kind of extra curricular activity. I used to take dance and singing lessons(Although I enjoyed the dance lessons more than singing, it was my father’s idea to make me a decent singer). There was cultural get-togethers. And it was fun coz I got to meet my friends there and play with them. As far as the studies goes, well, I used to study. And studying was fun then. I used to spend my days with friends,parents and neighbours. It was more than a homely atmosphere. But that’s not all that to your life, You know, I mean, you have to grow some day and face the hassles of your life. But it’s not that You don’t have any hassles in your life when you r young.

        I studied in a girl’s school, but I took tutions in batch and guys were there too. As a teenager, like others, I was confused. I knew that I was not so good looking. So, I tried to immitate some people who I thought were. I was a little over than average in studies. And somehow, I don’t know why, I was loved by my science and english teacher. They both adored me. My english teacher was a bit tough but my science teacher was like buddy. He was unmarried and me and my friends had a freehand in his house. We used to watch TV and eat buiscuits from tins in the kitchen any time we want. At his batch exams he used to give us the books and told us to copy from that. He used to say,”The more you copy,the more you become fluent in a subject.”  My english teacher always used to say that there is no other profession as satisfying as teaching. I never used to get that actually coz I hated teaching (The iorny is that my mother was a teacher,of course, she has retired now and I’m married to a professor/trainer myself). So I guess whatever you hate in life, is going to come back to you eventually.

       I think this is enough for now. I’ll come back tomorrow again and write about the second part of my story(i.e. my miserable life).

Hello world!

November 27, 2009

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